Can a person blind in one eye watch 3d movies?

Can a person with vision in one eye only see in 3 D?
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  • david

    I am so sorry to tell you that I don' t think people who gets one blind eye can see 3d movies. Well, I don' t mean that he doesn' t have a right to do so. I just mean he can' t see 3d movies as happily as normal people. I guess he himself would not do that. Still, 3d movies will be very blurry for people who is blind in one eye. However, some people still think that people with one blind eye can see 3d movies because it mainly depends on 3d glasses. I am afraid not. Anyway, he will know after he tries.
  • Jessica Stevenson

    I am sorry to hear that, but people with one eye can't achieve the 3D effect even if they wear 3D eyeglasses. This is because the depth information can be produced by the brain using mono ocular cues acquired by just one eye. So, And with one eye, they just look like a 2D movies when they see 3D movies. Anyway, you can one eye that still help you enjoy movies.

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