Can a fever cause watery eyes?

My sister is having a fever now. I want to know that whether her watery eyes are caused by this fever. She wants me to do something to relieve her watery eyes, what should I do?
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  • Christian george

    Yes, a fever can absolutely cause watery eyes. You should know that, when you have a fever, your immune system will decrease. How old is your sister? If she is just a little girl, then I suggest you to take her to the doctor right now. Kids' immune are much worse than adults' . But if she is a teenager or an adult. Then I will give you some recommendations. Prepare some cold and fresh water as well as a clean and soft cloth. Soak the cloth into the cold water and then place it on your sister' s eyes. After a while, I think your sister' s watery eyes will be gone. If necessary, drop her eyes. But I still strongly suggest you to consult a doctor. A fever is not that easy to be cured. Hope this helps.
  • Adriane

    A fever usually causes watery eyes. That is because when you have a fever, your eyes are invaded by inflammation at the same time. This inflammation includes infections, allergies, a foreign body or other irritants. Besides, kids' body are much weaker than adults' . So you had better take her to the hospital. However, if you want to stop her watery eyes for the moment, you can try a cold compress to her. I bet it will work. Anyway, leave your computer and take her to the hospital right now. I will pray for your sister.
  • creatingme

    The causes of a fever are diverse and complicated. Though it is reported some patients do feel uncomfortable in eyes after suffering a fever, I suggest you ask a doctor for professional advice or directly send your sister to hospital if she feels terribly bad. To relieve her discomfort, you can apply a wet cool towel on her forehead and eyes. This not only makes her eyes feel cool but also helps decrease her forehead temperature. Besides, try to distract her attention from her illness. For example, play some slow or gentle music for her and talk to her. Bear in mind: do not overuse eyes.
  • Ana evelyn

    In most time, watery eye is caused by virus infection, allergies, a foreign body or other irritants. And it also caused by common cold and fever. I advise you to drink much water. Cause all activities in the body are inseparable from water. If it is fever that contributes to your watery eye, you should drink plenty of water still further. And you may far away from the watery eye after the cure your fever.

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