Can a cold cause red eyes?

It is said that a cold can usually cause red eyes, is that true? How to prevent that?
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  • b3mine_x3

    Well, this usually happens when you are catching a cold. But there is one thing you should know about is that there are several reasons that can cause bloodshot eyes, not just a cold. The blood circulation supplement around your eyes will be congested when you are catching a cold, and then your eyes will turn red. But you don' t need to worry too much about that, it is no big deal. If you feel uncomfortable about that, you can try a cold compress to your eyes, which usually works. Or you can prepare some cucumber slices, and then apply them to your eyes before you go to bed. Remember to drink much water, it is also a good way to help you to prevent red eyes. As you know, sometimes, your eyes turn red coz of sort of dehydration. Anyway, I wish you could recover soon.

    Absolutely it can. You should wash your hands as often as you can so you will not spread virus to your eyes. If you feel really very uncomfortable, you can try a cool or a warm compress, which can kind of relive your pain. First of all. Are you sure it is just caused by a cold not pink eye? You had better make sure of it, coz pink eye can spread very quickly. I think you should go to the doctor if the redness in your eyes don' t go away after one day or two. I think your red eyes may be caused by your cold coz of an infection and congestion. Although it is not that serious, but you can not ignore it. Hope this helps.

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