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Are there any risks with laser eye surgery?

Are there any risks with laser eye surgery? What are those risks?
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  • Isabelle duncan

    With time going on and technology developing, laser eye surgery has already become safer and safer so you really don' t need to worry too much. But I can totally understand your feeling now. It always makes people feel nervous when taking a surgery because people have to worry about the side effects, huh? There is no doubt that this surgery can change your optics of the eye but for one thing, this may be a good thing cuz your vision is getting better and better. For another thing, it may leave your some terrible results when you get old. Anyway, you had better consult more professionals before you take that surgery. Personally, I think it is quite safe.
  • hill

    Yes. It is risks to take laser eye surgery. Although laser eye surgery is a good method to correct vision problem, it is risks. Even if you take the surgery, you may still suffer bad vision because of undercorrection or overcorrection. Besides, dry eyes is the most of common side effects of laser eye surgery. Some people troubled by dry eyes permanent after the surgery. In addition, some people also troubled by seeing halos around images after the surgery though it is rare. So, thick twice before you take the surgery.

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