Are there any polarized sunglasses designed for LED screens?

Are there any polarized sunglasses that can work with LED screens?
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  • Michelle percy

    Well,I don't think there r any special polarized sunglasses designed for this.But u know what?I can tell u that most of polarized sunglasses can function this.U should know that polarized sunglasses r designed for light screen or some strong light when u go out.There is no doubt that LED light also belongs to the strong light and that is why u really don't need to find any special polarized sunglasses because just this is okay.
  • walgreens_1

    I make a deep search online. And i didn't find any polarized sunglasses designed for LED screens. If it is a computer screen, you can use a your computer glasses to protect you. Besides, i heard that if you wear polarized sunglasses to see LED screen, you can only see blank on the screen. If you want to get help from them, you can consult an optician if they have any sunglasses can work with LED screens.

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