Nathan harris

Are sleeping masks bad for your eyes?

I usually sleep with my sleeping mask on my eyes. But my friend tells me that it will be bad for my eyes coz it sort of squeezes my eyes. What am I supposed to do?
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  • Angelica giles

    It's hard to say sleeping masks whether it is good or bad. If you make a tight sleeping masks, that will cause pressure and uncomfortable on your face. What's worse it will cause a headache or irritation. In addition, wearing a sleep mask may block out the light from the sunrise and it is easier to oversleep. So you have to set an alarm clock. Therefore, try not to wear a sleep mask.
  • David Safir

    Firstly, it is ok to wear a sleeping mask when you are sleeping. It is good for you to have nice sleeping time and improve the sleeping quality. To some degree, it is also helpful for reducing eye bags and dark circles. However, every coin has two sides. It is very important to choose a proper sleeping mask. If your sleeping mask is not suitable for you, you can have the feelings like foreign body sensation and constriction in your eyes, which will result in bad sleeping quality. So the key point is to choose a right sleeping mask for yourself. It is better to choose a dark colored one than a light colored one.
  • Caroline hill

    You know, most people who sleep with sleeping masks do this in order to improve their sleep quality. As you know, the function of a sleeping mask is to help you sleep nicer and sounder because it can block the light in your room. However, if you use it wrong, it may get your eyes hurt or uncomfortable. I mean, if you tie your sleeping mask too tight to your eyes, your eyes will feel pressed. And you have to know that the skin around your eyes is very fragile and sensitive, you may get them broken easily. I think you had better not wear your sleeping mask while you are sleeping coz your skin need to breathe. Anyway, I wish you should know this.
  • Savannah

    So, it seems that you are afraid of that side effects of sleeping patch, anyway, sometimes if we get them much too tight when we sleep, we would have squeezed eyes, or get blurry vision. My advice for you is to make the sleeping patch loose and just try to wear less of it, just turn off the lights at night. And protect your eyes from details.

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