Are non prescription reading glasses bad for your eyes?

I heard that there are OTC reading glasses that i didn't offer my prescription for the eyeglasses. Really? Are they so called non prescription reading glasses? So, How can it help my eyesight? Is it OK if i wear such reading glasses? Or it is bad for the eyes?
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  • Brittany dale

    Hi, The OTC reading glasses are not non prescription glasses. They can be understand as already made reading glasses. Although you are not require offer prescription, you shall know your power of your eyes so as to choose properly OTC reading glasses for vision aids. And they are the same as prescription to some extent. If you choose properly OTC reading glasses, they won't cause many damages about your eyes.
  • b3l0ng524nna

    It is not bad for the eyes if you wear properly OTC reading glasses. They are not non prescription lenses. They are made with prescription lenses. So, you shall choose them according to your prescription though you are not require offer prescription. If you want vision aids from the eyeglasses, you shall know your strength of eyeglasses lenses.

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