Are my prada sunglasses real or fake?

My dad gave me a pair of prada sunglasses as my birthday gift. But I am not sure if they are real. Do you guys know how to tell if my prada sunglasses are real or fake?
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  • Caitlin lee

    Well, this is kind of hard to solve. As you may know, there are so many fake brand glasses in the market now, and some of them are really so lifelike even some professional people can' t tell them. Here I can only tell you some basic ways to judge prada sunglasses. First of all, you can watch your sunglasses carefully to see if there is any flaw. You should know that the real ones will not get any flaw coz the designer always pursues the best. Then I have to remind you to find if there are specifications or or model types on the metal legs of the sunglasses. If I am not guessing wrong, the real prada sunglasses should be made in Italy.
  • Jade james

    Well, if they are real prada sunglasses, there should be a set of numbers on the top right of your Prada sunglasses. You might as well have a careful look right now. Besides, you can also check the R letter of prada, it seems that the sunglasses with the straight R letter are the fake one. However, to be honest, it is really not that easy to tell whether your prada sunglasses are true or not. Even if they are fake ,you don' t need to care too much. After all, it is a birthday gift from your beloved person.

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