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Are kate spade sunglasses made in china?

Are kate spade sunglasses made in china?Are they real?
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  • Randy C

    I know are Kate Spade sunglasses are made exclusively in Italy. But there are probably made in China. You know, there are many products are made in china. Some people also called China as factory of the world. There many famous brands products that produced in China. So, it is normal if you find Kate Spade sunglasses that made in China.
  • Angela

    Yes,it is right.What makes u think that kate spade can't be made in China?U know what?A lot of designer sunglasses r made in China and they r all of very good quality.kate spade sunglasses is very well known.It is loved by celebrities as well as common people.I love this brand because they r very unique which can offer u several options of colors.Look at here:

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