Alexa joyce

Are frameless glasses still in style?

I want to buy new eyeglasses. My sister said that frameless glasses are good for me. I tried, but i don't think they are good. But i want to know if frameless glasses are very popular today? I mean, if they are still in style?
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Answers (2)

  • Jocelyn david

    Today, there are still some people prefer to frameless glasses. But when it refers to popular style eyeglasses, most of people today prefer to wear full frame eyeglasses. However, some people still in style with rimless eyeglasses. But as you said that you don't think rimless eyeglasses good for you, you needn't be troubled by this problem. Just give up frameless eyeglasses and buy eyeglasses that you like.
  • Kyle owen

    Some people look really nice with frameless eyeglasses. But not all people can get compliment from rimless eyeglasses. If you have very serious myopia, you are not suggested to buy frameless eyeglasses even if they are popular. So, today more and more people prefer to buy framed eyeglasses that can give them more compliment. If you don't like frameless eyeglasses, you needn't care about if they are still in style. Just buy a pair that can match and compliment your face. That is all you can do for a good look.

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