Are fashion nerd glasses made with prescription lenses?

Can fashion nerd glasses be made with prescription lenses?
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  • crystalise34

    Yes. Of course, fashion nerd glasses can be made with prescription lenses as you like. In fact, any type of eyeglasses frame can be made with prescription lenses, They only thing you shall be cautious is your prescription. If you need vision aids, you'd better take an eye exam first for a prescription so as to order properly prescription eyeglasses.
  • arnold

    Yes,of course they can.U really don't need to worry too much about this.I also think that nerd glasses r very stylish and they can suit a lot of face shapes as well as my big face.I love wearing nerd glasses but I know that they can be made with prescription.In terms of me,I don't think I need prescription glasses cuz I really have very good eyesight.

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