Are cheap sunglasses uv protected?

I have several pairs of cheap but very fashionable sunglasses, and I want to know if they are uv protected.
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  • Juan

    Well, this is hard to say. But there is one thing that I can be very sure of, that is, sunglasses without uv protection can cause great harm to your eyes. So it will be great for you to buy cheap sunglasses with uv protection. As you may know, without uv protection, your eyes can be hurt by strong sunlight directly. That is why we are never suggested to wear cheap fashionable sunglasses when going out in hot days. We may look cool in them, but we are risking our eye health, do you know? Some people may be wondering what color of the lenses can protect eyes well. It is a complicated question. Actually, you just need to know that different color of lenses have different uses.
  • Kyle kirk

    It depends. There are various cheap sunglasses. Some of the are just fashion accessories and won't protect for your eyes. But there are some sunglasses that come from common brand but can provide eye protection for the eyes. You can check your sunglasses to see if there any UV signs. Or you can check the instructions of your cheap sunglasses. If you can't find it, you'd better not wear it and get a new pair for UV protection.

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