Are Burberry glasses expensive?

I always want to have my own Burberry glasses, are they expensive?
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Answers (2)

  • Melanie

    Of course they are very expensive. They are Burberry! What are you thinking? Burberry is an international brand and people all over the world love it. A nice pair of burberry sunglasses probably cost you around 200 dollars. Let alone its other types. However, I have heard a lot that burberry online is much cheaper than in the counter. Well, I guess it is, but just can' t be sure of the authenticity. Maybe you can go to burberry official website to see how to tell the authenticity of the real ones and then you can consider buying a pair online. Personally, I think it is a good idea.
  • Jade

    Personally, they are a little expensive. I usually bought such brand eyeglasses when they give discount. I don't think it is worthy to spend so much money to buy a pair of brand eyeglasses. Sometimes, i searched Burberry eyeglasses online for discount. If you want to buy Burberry eyeglasses at affordable, you can search it online such as, where often provide affordable eyeglasses.

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