Are blue sunglasses bad for your eyes?

My son got a pair of blue sunglasses for himself. I am wondering if they are bad for his eyes. Can anybody give me some suggestions?
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  • eddy

    Yeah, it is. This kind of sunglasses is bad for eyes because of their failing to filter the blue light. Blue light can damage your son' s eyes badly. You have to know that blue light is related to AMD. Why not buy some brown or black sunglasses for your son to replace the blue ones? By the way, black ones are also very cool on young people. And you can tell your son that black sunglasses can make him look very masculine, lol.
  • Faith cook

    Yes, blue sunglasses can be bad for your son' s eyes. I know that those blue sunglasses make a person stand out in the crowds. It is quite a fashionable color. But Unfortunately, they are not the best choice for lens for the long-term health of your eyes. You don' t know that the color blue can produce ultraviolet light which is supposed to be blocked by sunglasses. If you want to pick some fashionable colors, how about purple, green, yellow, brown and gray? Purple and green can reduce the glare as well as provide good contrast. Brown can absorb many colors. Yellow can eliminate blue light. And gray can reduce the brightness.

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