Daniel christian

Are black sclera contacts safe?

I intend to buy black sclera coz they can make my black eyes look bigger. But some of my friends told me that they were not good for my eyes. Is that true?
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  • enigma_g

    Well, I usually see girls with black sclera contacts look very cute. As a girl, I also wear them when I go out with my boyfriend, lol. But I never wear them for a long time coz they may cause side effects on my eyes. As you know, they also belong to one of the colored contacts. It is not that good to wear colored contacts for a long time and too often. But it is also okay if you just wear them once in a while. Do not need to worry too much about that, everything will be fine.
  • Ana clive

    You had better not wear that. Although it can be worn. We all know that wearing black sclera contacts for a long time can definitely cause your eye to have some uncomfortable feelings such as burning eyes, itchy eyes,watery eyes and so on. Absolutely they can make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful, but for your own eyes' sake, you had better not wear that too often. Hope this helps.
  • handyhands

    Well, yes, this kind of contact lenses is very bad for your eyes. so you may not be supposed to wear them for a long time. As we know that black sclera contact lenses can just make your eyes look bigger and attractive. But on the other hand, it will also cause some side effects on your eyes, if you wear them too long time. For example, they can just lead to eye infection in your eyes. At that moment, your eyes will feel burning, itchy, watery and red. And that can be annoying and dangerous. So in my opinion, you should pay more attention to the side effects.

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