Are all babies born with eyelashes?

I am so surprised to find that my little sister was born with eyelashes, are all babies born with eyelashes?
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  • walkingcaine

    Hello, not all babies are born with eyelashes even usually they are and mostly with long eyelashes. It is very common for babies do not have eyelashes before their 40 weeks. While in some cases, the eyelashes of babies may fall out and grow again. It is very interesting that some parents want to cut their babies' eyelashes since they heard that the eyelashes will be longer if they doing so, but my suggestion is not, because it may lead to cutting bubs eyelid or even sticking their eyes.
  • Christina

    Well, the appearance of eyelashes differs from people to people, determined by some recessive genes. Some babies were born with long dark eye lashes, while others does not have any eyelashes at his birth. Certainly, the eyelashes will start popping out one by one in 3-4weeks. Don't worry, she is very very fine. Besides, they will be more prominent at 4 weeks. Do not worry about it. If they do not occur, they will grow after she was born, while if they occur, just take it easy.
  • Daniel

    Actually not all babies are born with eyelashes which will be developed after some time. Babies with eyelashes will look beautiful and cute at the look. As we know, the adoption of vitamin e on the eyelashes will help people grow eyelashes fast. If you have such problem, you could try this way. Eyelashes will help your baby protect from the dust or other dirty things. They are good.

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